About acmilan.theoffside.com


I’m not some sort of nostalgic veteran of this site or anything, but when I first stumbled on this place, what struck me was how desolate. deserted, empty it looked. Like a wasteland, as somebody recently put it in a comment. Which is one heck of a shame- all the more when you put it next to the Real Madrid SB Nation blog- with hundreds of comments under every single post- or even the one dedicated to Juventus, which has its fair share (couple of thousands) of followers on Facebook.

With Milan, by the looks of it, on the fast track to getting back where such a club deserves to be- at the forefront of European football- I think it’s high time we got this place back on track also. You’re most welcome to jot down a couple of lines, be it in the comments section or in the form of a fanpost, fanshot, whatever- your take, your outlook, and your being active, well, you really can’t put price tag on them all.

And this place has gargantuan potential. It’s not some out-of-the-way blog that no one is ever able to find. You run your eye over Google news looking for some news regarding Milan- this site ranks among the top results. Which is outstanding, especially keeping in mind the activity it enjoyed of late.

So I really think this place can be brought around. It’s far from beating a dead horse and all it takes to jumpstart it to life again is some activity. So I say we share this place around, suggest it to our friends, share it on AC Milan fanpages on Facebook, share its articles, make a start on being active, and yank this place back where it belongs.

Let’s to put our weight behind it.


Speak your mind.