The “Duck Face” Phenomenon


This duck-face business (still) seems to be all the rage at the moment.  And it’s been for quite a while, so we aren’t talking about some flavor-of-the-month thing. It caught on right off the bat and ever since its very outbreak people were quick off the mark and jumped on the bandwagon with both feet. They never looked back. A bandwagon that doesn’t know anything of discrimination- from petite, cute, or anorexic gals to not-so-cute, gotta-knock-off-forty-pounds ones. Elderly ladies don’t shy away from it either. What’s more- and this is a big one- boys do it too. You heard me. Has the whole darn world gone insane? Well, it may be just that. And why not? In this day and age we live in, there are footballers netting well over 40 million dollars per year. Big brains may not bring home the bacon no more :).

There are two chief categories (quite a no-brainer) all the duck face aficionados fall under. For one thing, those doing it ironically, meaning to poke fun and sneer at those comprising the second category, namely the ones intransigent in their conviction as regards the instrumentality of the duck face in terms of hurling your sexiness through the roof. According to these people, it does not only spur incredibly and on the spot you sex appeal and blanket any poor ugly soul in glamour and mojo , but also works wonders in that it cures cancer and dementia! All joking aside, is it sexy? I think you know the answer. Gonna keep myself to myself on this one (for Christ’s sake, of course it isn’t).

Cutting to the chase, – no , wait. I have to ask: what’s wrong with the big, old, run- of- the- mill smirk? Too mundane, right? Now, cutting to the chase, after a tiny bit of research (nothing more than looking it up on google, really), I’ve found out something that I, truth be told, suspected right out of the blocks. I gathered there’s something sexual in purpose in pouting your lips in this caricature- like fashion. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Thing is, there’s a trifle more to it though. According to Wikipedia,

  1.  following a study conducted by the online dating website OkCupid, it’s been established that this thing actually works! (How is this even possible ?!) as male users leant towards picking the duck face over the all-to-ordinary simple smile.
  2. In an animal communication studies of capuchin monkeys, the “duck face” term has been used synonymously with “protruded lip face”, which the females exhibit in the proceptive phase before mating.  In layman’s terms, putting on the duck face is a barefaced mating call and adds up to jumping two or three levels down on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Pretty self-explanatory.


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