It Follows

||Genre: Horror, Mystery||Year: 2015||Duration: 1h40min||Director: David Robert Mitchell||Stars: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi||


1.5 Stars

I’m gonna come right out and say that as soon as this girl what’s her name in high heels dashes out of the house and into the street like a bat out of hell within the first seconds of the movie, I felt it in my bones it was going to fall flat on its face. Personally, this is the first scene foreshadowing the fiasco and I have to say, I’m utterly baffled by the high regard people are holding this film in. Easy-peasy, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out she’s being chased – she’s running as such. A couple of minutes down the line she phones her father and sounds rather suicidal. Her corpse is shown lying the next day on a beach too. We are thus presented with the premise underlying the movie. Something is chasing. What is still to be figured out is what it is exactly and who it is chasing. And why. But don’t sweat it. Before you know it, this guy is to spring on you the whole shebang and thereby the movie blatantly and amateurishly breaks somewhat another golden rule- don’t sandbag your characters into revealing the key of the story or the “correct” interpretation by putting words into their mouths. The audience ought to be- and surely is- smart enough to catch on to whatever is implied. If they don’t, the movie fails somewhere still. But you don’t have to draw a picture for them.

Turning to the soundtrack department, I can’t name many flicks making a bigger hash out of it. Everything sounds exactly like a horror movie shouldn’t and this is the negative example par excellence in this respect. This only proves the crucial role of the soundtrack, which has the power to enthrall and to dissociate. It Follows, need I say, is all about the second scenario- it doesn’t invite you to the movie experience, but forges a wall as big as the wall Trump’s dying to build between the audience and what’s happening in there. The soundtrack could be enough to keep you at bay all by itself.

As to the mystery part, I keep hearing of how long a suit this movie has as far as the suspense thing is concerned. “This thing is going to follow you”. Where’s the suspense?
A one-night stand left him with this curse. It is passed on by means of sex and involves a snail-paced ghost of a sort relentlessly following you. It gets you, it kills you. After slaying the person it’s after, it looks back down the line and gives chase to the previous individual that passed it on and so forth. We’re talking about some shape-shifter of a sort as it can appear in the shape of a stranger or someone you know- your dead grandma, you father, your math teacher, whatever. The one taking on the curse following the sexual act basically gets also a nice and big GPS tied to their backs for the monster to see. But this got me wondering the whole time- why on earth don’t they just go to a whorehouse to slough the damn thing off?
Anyway,  everything happens above board and is laid out in such a way that any guy slower on the uptake would get it. That’s putting it mildly. Bluntly, It Follows steers clear of any possible turn or twist and seems to shun the surprise factor like the plague. Unfortunately, I like to be taken advantage of and be victimized. I like movies to play con games with me and make me suffer by shattering my hopes as far as the fate of some character is concerned, kill my lovers and lay false trails for me. This movie is the honest would-be knight in shining armor that I don’t like because of being a trite, gullible nerd who wouldn’t know adventure if it smacked him in the face, and it doesn’t hurt me any. It’s too bashful and respectful to the audience. Maybe a couple of changes structure-wise were in order. Fortune favors the bold, right? Anyway, that ship has sailed and in my book, the story is intriguing at times and wishy-washy on the whole. Seven yawns to every thrill and the climax is nowhere to be seen, owing to the lack of conflict. The acting is no great shakes, the story is one big non-event and the rotten soundtrack just makes things worse.We gotta admit it though- the idea is pretty intriguing. It is. But good as an idea may be, it doesn’t change water into wine and is never enough. What the movie lacks therefore is the means of going all the way and bringing it off.


  1. I enjoyed your review, however I happened to really enjoy It Follows. For me, the atmosphere was very creepy & the slower pace of the storyline just accentuated the tension. To me, this film is unique and a welcome return to the WTF psychological thriller.

  2. The idea was swell. But I expect a horror movie to shake me real good and this didn’t. It may be chalked, on the other hand,up to the fact that I’ve seen too many of them in the past few years and so I’ve developed some sort of immunity when it comes to getting the willies, I don’t know. Anyway, it’s just amazing how people can think so differently about the same thing and I absolutely love the differences of opinion. Thanks for sharing your take, btw.

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