Top 10 Absolutely Essential Ghostface Killah Jams


I remember listening to Ghostface Killah’s first album, Ironman, a couple of years ago and giving it my best shot to extract five sick songs and narrow my playlist down to that. Let me tell you, that was one hell of an exercise in futility and I wound up with fourteen songs out of a grand total of 16. There is no question that that was probably all in all the best hip hop album I’ve come across.And after the smash hit of his first album, Ghost just keeps going on strong and proves time and again that the mad skills he boasts at the outset are no happenstance. Now, singling out only a couple of songs for a list is, need I say, something of a tall order. But I’ve bent over backwards and scratched my head and here’s a list of ten songs of his that I find elementary. The stuff of hip hop.

10. Saturday Nite (Supreme Clientele)


9.Theodore (Bulletproof Wallets)

8. Ghost Deini (Supreme Clientele)


7. Winter Warz feat. Cappadonna (Ironman)


6. Wildflower (Ironman)


5. Mighty Healthy (Supreme Clientele)


4. One (Supreme Clientele)


3. Fish feat. Raekwon and Cappadonna (Ironman)


2. Posinous Darts (Ironman)



1.Iron Maiden feat. Raekwon (Ironman)


Apart from all the spell-binding stuff above, one my personal favorites is Assassination Day, which also features in Ghost’s first album (Ironman). Unfortunately and paradoxically, Ghost does not, however, figure in it. Shame. It’s up to Inspectah Deck and co. to deliver the goods. And they do.

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